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Message From the President

Welcome to the ministry of Scripture Research (SR). Since the inception of the current SR ministry, it has produced studies, articles and research with the goal of fulfilling 2 Timothy 2:15, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

2018 was a year of transition. Having several new Board members we will continue to present SR articles, studies and research, written by several authors who adhere to "Right Division." This is the fulfillment of the original Board's purpose as was written in 1961 in Volume 1, No. 1:

"The purpose of Scripture Research, Inc. is to research the Scriptures in accordance with the principle of 'right division,' and present the results by whatever means available.

Scripture Research, Inc. has no doctrinal statement, which, at best, could only serve to limit the scope of our endeavor to learn what God has said in Scripture.

The Executive Board of Scripture Research, Inc. consists of five men who are dedicated to the study and propagation of God's Word rightly divided, and serve without monetary compensation.

All donations to Scripture Research, Inc. are tax deductible, and will be used by the Executive Board to defray the expenses incurred in presenting the Word of God rightly divided.

Scripture Research. Inc. has no membership, and owes allegiance only to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your comments and constructive criticisms are welcome, but Scripture Research, Inc. will not engage in 'name calling' or personal argument."

We will also continue to place articles on the website that can be downloaded by the reader. This will save on printing, while still making it available to those of us who enjoy the printed word.

Dr. Michael Mecikalski has started “Koine’ Korner” where he has provided articles about the history of the Koine’ Greek language and it’s influence on the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For those just starting in the study of scriptures, theses articles are a good foundation.

Alan Naas has added an article on the Mystery as a follow up to his article on Right Division. This is the same pattern of topics followed by the original board in 1956.

While we serve as a small board, we invite you to join us in this ministry of searching the scriptures and teaching others to move from students of the Word to teachers themselves.

We pray you will join us in this new year on a journey in God's Word.

In Christ's Grace and Mercy,

Forrest Cottrell
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P.O. Box 51716, Riverside, CA 92517
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