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By Esther Wartena

(This information was gleaned from the meticulously kept records of Nevin Wetzel.)

The dreams of Mrs. Sadie P. Ewalt, a member of the Atascadero Memorial Church were realized sometime after 1946.  Ralph Isbell was her pastor until her death.  She left $100,000.00 in a fund to start the Ewalt Memorial Bible School. Ralph Isbell began a biblical correspondence school.  Russ Schaefer became director of EMBS.  He occasionally took in students who then lived with Russ and his wife, Be.  Russ began to give them insight into the scriptures.  One of the students was Andy Hollier, pastor in Australia.  The teaching and studies developed into publications.  

04-19-53  First recorded minutes for Ewalt Memorial Bible School.

07-19-55  The doctrine of belief was stated:  "The Board of Directors went on record as favoring the Acts 28 position as the revelation of The Mystery of The One Body of Christ, The Church which is His Body.  Plans were made to build the teaching around that principle."

12-29-55  The estate of Sadie P. Ewalt donated $100,000 to EMBS.

3-29-56  Constitution and By-laws were drawn and approved for EMBS.

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