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» The Memoirs of Scripture Research (Continued)

07-19-61  Ralph Isbell passed away.  Three months later, Dr. John A. Verleur, pastor of the First Berean Church in Paterson, New Jersey was contacted to be the Director of EMBS.  

09-01-63  Amendment to Articles of Incorporation was made: "ARTICLE II: That the name of EMBS shall be Ewalt Memorial Bible School and Seminary."  

03-01-64  Dr. Verleur discontinued his involvement with EMBS&S.  He was hired at a college in Santa Ana, California and did not have time for both schools.  The name was changed back to EMBS.  During this time Dick and Esther Wartena received the first copy of Scripture Research (written by Russ Schaefer Ray Psalmonds and Charles Asbell.  It was then decided to invite Russ Schaefer to be the director.  He accepted.

05-09-64  Scripture Research, Inc. (SR) and EMBS merged.  Russ Schaefer was chosen to lead the merger.  The new headquarters were to be in Atascadero, California.  

04-29-76  The name of the organization changed its name from EMBS to SR.

05-02-76  Russ Schaefer stressed the importance of "holding fast to our original SR doctrinal statement which is:

2nd Timothy 3:16 - Divine Inspiration of the Word of God.

2nd Timothy 2:15 - Divine principle of rightly dividing for principle of understanding.

Philippians 2:16 - Holding forth the Word of Life.

09-28-76  The State of California officially recognizes the name change from EMBS to SR.

09-27-99  Russ Schaefer passed away.

11-06-99  Scripture Research moves its headquarters to Riverside, California.

Dr. Charles Asbell is the President of Scripture Research at this time.

The History of Scripture Research (Continued from Message)